Ballet Uniforms

Uniform is compulsory for all students and can be provided by our school. Hair should be pulled back in a classic ballet bun.

Pre-School and Pre-Primary

  • Pink short-sleeve leotard with a skirt attached
  • Pink cross over cardigan
  • Pink ballet tights or socks
  • Pink leather ballet shoes


  • Chloe short-sleeve leotard blue
  • Georgette wrap over skirt blue
  • Pink cross over cardigan
  • Pink ballet tights or socks
  • Pink leather ballet shoes

Grades 1, 2 and 3

  • Lavender sleeveless cotton lycra leotard with belt
  • Pink cross over cardigan
  • Pink ballet tights or socks
  • Pink leather ballet shoes
  • Black canvas character shoes
  • Black character skirt with ribbons

Grade 4 and 5

  • Mulberry sleeveless cotton lycra leotard with belt
  • Black cross over cardigan
  • Pink ballet tights
  • Pink leather shoes
  • Pink canvas split sole shoes – only for Grade 5
  • Black canvas character shoes
  • Black character skirt with ribbons

Grades 6, 7 and 8

  • Burgundy sleeveless cotton lycra leotard
  • Burgundy chiffon skirt
  • Pink ballet tights
  • Pink canvas split sole shoes
  • Black canvas character shoes
  • Black character skirt with ribbons

Intermediate Foundation and Intermediate

  • Black camisole leotard with belt
  • Pink ballet tights
  • Pink leather or satin shoes with pink ribbons
  • Pink soft pointe shoes
  • Pink pointe shoes

Advanced Foundation, Advanced 1 and Advanced 2

  • Black camisole leotard with belt
  • Pink ballet tights
  • Pink soft pointe shoes
  • Pink pointe shoes

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions Parents Might Ask

1. At what age can my child attend ballet classes? 
Children can start classes from 2 ½ years and above since we offer a special syllabus designed by the Royal Academy of Dance where children can experience dance through music, expression and creativity.

2. Does the uniform have to be compulsory? 
Uniform has to be compulsory because all the students must look the same as if one person and also it is easier for the teacher to correct and see each child's posture and technique. Also, uniform is very important because students need to wear it for their exams of the Royal Academy of Dance.

3. Can parents watch the classes? 
Parents are allowed to watch a class only on their children's first ballet class. Usually if parents are watching classes they distract children's' concentration. Of course before any exam, parents are invited to watch their children's progression.

4. When is my child going an exam for the first time? 
Children must be over six years old to be allowed for their first examination which is the Primary level of the Royal Academy of Dance.

5. Does your school have a show every year? 
Our school has a show every three years. To present a professional show it takes sometime, and we would also like to focus on children's examinations.

6. What system of exams children take and what are the benefits? 
Our school is following the Royal Academy of Dance system of training and examinations take place twice a year. Exams are not compulsory; however it is important to note that the RAD examinations are designed in such a way so as to equip children with encouragement and enthusiasm as well as providing them with goals and sense of achievement. At the same time children by entering RAD exams they also gain recognition from the world's largest examination board. Moreover, RAD is currently working with other accredited UK Dance Awarding Organisations in order to secure points for dance examinations on the UCAS tariff for UK university entrance. This will mean that students who have reached Level 3 in RAD qualifications such as Grades 6,7,and 8 as well as Intermediate and Advanced Foundation will be able to use their qualifications in order to gain their university place. For more information please visit & 

7. Why to choose an RAD Registered Teacher? 
Ballet offers to the children an enjoyable time. At the same time, one must never forget that it is also physically demanding and therefore parents should be very careful in choosing where to send their children. Above all, the teacher should be a professional and qualified. Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) with an experience of almost a century in the arena of dance education, has trained its teachers with workshops, courses and training programs so as to create a highly qualified staff that can represent the organization world widely. Keeping the standards high in dance teaching is what the RAD seeks to promote. RAD Registered teachers do that by: 

  • Teaching carefully the Academy’s syllabi work, which is designed so as to be both fun and safe.
  • Undertaking the necessary training and qualifications required in order to teach dance to young children and students.
  • Continuing training throughout their careers to ensure their skills and knowledge are up to date as well as to be informed of various changes occurring over the years.

All qualified RAD teachers MUST graduate from one of RAD’s comprehensive teacher training programmes in order to be included as Registered Teachers. By being a Registered Teacher of the RAD does not only mean teaching RAD Ballet, but in addition it means that these teachers are eligible to enter their students for RAD examinations. Registered Teachers are a world-class qualified dance teachers who proven their knowledge and understanding of the RAD’s syllabus, have demonstrated their ability to teach the syllabus effectively and as such can enter candidate for RAD examinations. Registered Teachers of the RAD next to their names indicate the following initials: RAD (RTS). At the same time, they use the RAD logo on their school sign, leaflets and website. Parents are STRONGLY advised to seek for those initials before sending their children to a ballet class. As a result, parents who send their children to a registered school can be allayed since RAD organization will always monitor its teachers each step of the way even after they become registered, to ensure that the best teaching standards are maintained.

About The School

Niki School of Ballet was founded in 1983 by the dance teacher Niki Charalambous-Burns in Limassol Cyprus, and since then it has become one of the highest achieving and well respected schools in Limassol. The school is one of the founding members of the Cyprus Dance Association and therefore its facilities satisfy the regulations of the Association. At the same time, it is an examination centre of the Royal Academy of Dance and the exams are taken to our premises.

Located in the centre of the city, the school offers a pleasant journey to its visitors since its decoration reawakens the tradition of classical ballet as well as adjusting to the needs of the 21st century child. Our sprung floored studios, together with the high ceiling, mirrors, barres and piano create an enjoyable and highly professional environment where the student can create, perform and enjoy the benefits of dance.

Our school offers classes for girls and boys aged 2 ½ and over. Niki School of Ballet follows the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) system of training for Ballet and Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance (ISTD) for Modern Theatre Dance. Classes have a duration of forty - five minutes, one hour or one and a half hours, depending on the standard of each class.

Enrolment goes on throughout the year and prospective students are always welcome to both view and take part in a class without any commitment to registering with us.

What we aim to do with the classes offered at our school is to produce wonderful well-rounded dancers, expressing themselves through music and movement.


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'I have been a student in Niki’s School of Ballet from as long as I can remember myself, since the age of 4 years old to be exact. As a child I was curious to explore the world of dancing and eager to learn patiently over the years – Ms. Niki has been a great ballet teacher and contributed in building the disciplined individual I am today. I couldn’t have asked for anyone better. Being in the school for more than 14 years I came across the diverse styles of exercises and dances to finally achieve different levels of education and obtain diplomas from Beginner to Grade 8. Ms. Niki’s passion for dancing was also reflected through her students in every show she would patiently choreograph (for months!), shows that would all demonstrate a great amount of focus and would progress showing higher levels of difficulty as they went along. In a few words, the shows have not been anything less than spectacular; personally, they would never stop amazing me! After thinking back, reminiscing all the good times I spent in this school, I decided to return (after 11 years of absence) and participate in the upcoming show for 2019. If you’re passionate about dancing I would highly recommend Niki’s School of Ballet, for you and your kids, you would definitely love your time spent here.'
Rodoulla Constantinou, 29 years old

'Even though I had never been a student at Niki’s School of Ballet before, I was immensely touched by the fact that I was welcomed like one. A wonderful ballet school full of life, where everyone is treated fairly and pushed to the maximum of their dancing abilities. A massive, heartfelt thank you goes to Niki for her tremendous support.'
Daphne Lambi, 27 years old

'One of the most important teachers in my life is my ballet teacher, Niki Charalambous Burns. My ballet teacher has taught me how to persevere, to be resilient, to work hard and to be patient. When I go at Niki's School of Ballet and dance it feels like home because I have been a ballet student there for more than 10 years. The environment is suitable for anyone who wants to learn how to dance. I strongly recommend Niki's School of Ballet.'
Andriane Nicolaou, 25 years old

'I joined the adult class of Niki’s school of ballet two years ago and I just turned fifty. I was worried whether I would be able to keep up with the rest of the group, but after attending the first lesson I realized that the adult class is a mixture of different age groups, abilities and background in ballet. The lessons are structured in such a way that even someone without ballet background can dance next to an experienced adult. Niki’s professionalism is evident from the progress that all the adult class attenders have achieved and the fact that no lesson is the same as the previous one. Classical ballet, modern dance, music that elevates your spirit, is a typical lesson by Niki. Thank you Niki for everything.'
Elena Pasia, 50 years old

'My daughter Semeli, 10 years old, has been going to Niki's School of Ballet for the last five years. All these years have been particularly creative for my child since as a ballet teacher, Mrs. Niki Burns is distinguished for her talent, hard work and professionalism.'
Efi Xenopoulou Pissouriou, parent. 

'My two daughters, Angelina and Anastasia, have been attending the school for the past four years and love every minute they are there. The instruction is approachable and patient, and is always encouraging the girls to give their best.'
Christian Conyers, parent.

'Being a student at Niki's School of Ballet makes me feel contempt and pleased to be able to be taught ballet at this school. The high standard and discipline that exists in our school is also justified by our annual examination results as our teachers are highly qualified in what they do. I'm very proud and it's a pleasure to be taught by Mrs. Niki and Yvonne as they make the lesson a fun and enjoying 'break' from our daily routine.'
Ioanna Poupoutsi, 17 years old. 

'I started taking ballet classes at the age of 4. Dance has proved to be a way to express myself freely and therefore obtain confidence and self-esteem. Throughout the years, I have created strong friends bonds and I have learnt to try, to concentrate, to cooperate, to respect, but above all these to have fun!'
Cleo Kyriakou, 18 years old. 

'Niki Burns is not only an excellent dance teacher but she is also a great educator. She is interested in the complete development of the personality of her students, and therefore I am thankful.' 
Antonis Pericleous, parent. 

'I have started ballet since I was three years old. Throughout these years I have learned so many things. It helps you to have a very nice body with nice movements and harmony. I am very happy that I have chosen ballet on my free time and I will always have it in my heart.' 
Danae Nicolaou, 11 years old. 

'Niki School of Ballet is extraordinary. You learn some of life's most important lessons here that you will carry with you forever. When I have a lesson I try to make visible what's in the choreographer's mind. Sometimes a choreographer wants you to have an idea, and sometimes you are the idea. In Niki School of Ballet you learn that the only way you can be different is to be yourself and that nobody else is better. Ballet has never been more fun and mesmerizing. A new experience with each step…'
Renata Stefani, 14 years old. 

'I am very pleased to see my daughter attending ballet classes at one of the best ballet schools in town, where I have also been a student. I had been attending ballet classes since 1983, the first year of the school's foundation, until 1993, and gained great experiences. I am thankful to my ballet teacher Niki Burns because she made me love ballet very much. I hope that Niki's and Yvonne's talent, as well as their hard work, will have a positive affect on my daughter's attitude over ballet.'
Olia Aristidou, parent and ex-student. 

'My daughter Savannah has been attending ballet classes with Niki for the last year. She started at the age of 2 ½ years. I have seen great progress with her movement and her concentration. Niki is really wonderful with the younger children. She makes the lesson fun and uses a lot of imagination and games to teach the younger children.' 
Kristen Shiaelis, parent. 

'All of my four daughters have been attending ballet and modern classes at Niki's School of Ballet for many years. Watching their development throughout the years has been amazing. Niki begins with fun and playful classes for the very young pupils and builds them up into top performing ballet dancers. The end of year performances are so spectacular that you could easily mistake them for a West End show.'
Eftychia Neophytou, parent. 

'I am 28 years old and I am a teacher in a primary school. My parents sent me to attend ballet classes at the age of 6 because I had a problem with my feet. Since then, ballet has been an integral part of my life. When I started ballet, I couldn't believe that I would continue to dance for so many years. Ballet helped me overcome my problem. It also keeps me in form and keeps me calm. I hope I will be able to dance for many years to come.'
Maria Solomonidou, 28 years old. 

'Ballet for me, is all my life. It helped me to express myself, being firstly a good human being, and after, a good dancer. I attend ballet classes in graded and vocational standard. I also attend modern dance classes. My teacher has a good sense of humour and communicates with her students very well resulting in having her as their second mother. Our shows are spectacular with nice choreographies and stunning costumes. I adore ballet because it is part of my life.'
Andri-Anna Papaconstantinou, 13 years old.

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