Frequently Asked Questions

Questions Parents Might Ask

1. At what age can my child attend ballet classes? 
Children can start classes from 2 ½ years and above since we offer a special syllabus designed by the Royal Academy of Dance where children can experience dance through music, expression and creativity.

2. Does the uniform have to be compulsory? 
Uniform has to be compulsory because all the students must look the same as if one person and also it is easier for the teacher to correct and see each child's posture and technique. Also, uniform is very important because students need to wear it for their exams of the Royal Academy of Dance.

3. Can parents watch the classes? 
Parents are allowed to watch a class only on their children's first ballet class. Usually if parents are watching classes they distract children's' concentration. Of course before any exam, parents are invited to watch their children's progression.

4. When is my child going an exam for the first time? 
Children must be over six years old to be allowed for their first examination which is the Primary level of the Royal Academy of Dance.

5. Does your school have a show every year? 
Our school has a show every three years. To present a professional show it takes sometime, and we would also like to focus on children's examinations.

6. What system of exams children take and what are the benefits? 
Our school is following the Royal Academy of Dance system of training and examinations take place twice a year. Exams are not compulsory; however it is important to note that the RAD examinations are designed in such a way so as to equip children with encouragement and enthusiasm as well as providing them with goals and sense of achievement. At the same time children by entering RAD exams they also gain recognition from the world's largest examination board. Moreover, RAD is currently working with other accredited UK Dance Awarding Organisations in order to secure points for dance examinations on the UCAS tariff for UK university entrance. This will mean that students who have reached Level 3 in RAD qualifications such as Grades 6,7,and 8 as well as Intermediate and Advanced Foundation will be able to use their qualifications in order to gain their university place. For more information please visit & 

7. Why to choose an RAD Registered Teacher? 
Ballet offers to the children an enjoyable time. At the same time, one must never forget that it is also physically demanding and therefore parents should be very careful in choosing where to send their children. Above all, the teacher should be a professional and qualified. Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) with an experience of almost a century in the arena of dance education, has trained its teachers with workshops, courses and training programs so as to create a highly qualified staff that can represent the organization world widely. Keeping the standards high in dance teaching is what the RAD seeks to promote. RAD Registered teachers do that by: 

  • Teaching carefully the Academy’s syllabi work, which is designed so as to be both fun and safe.
  • Undertaking the necessary training and qualifications required in order to teach dance to young children and students.
  • Continuing training throughout their careers to ensure their skills and knowledge are up to date as well as to be informed of various changes occurring over the years.

All qualified RAD teachers MUST graduate from one of RAD’s comprehensive teacher training programmes in order to be included as Registered Teachers. By being a Registered Teacher of the RAD does not only mean teaching RAD Ballet, but in addition it means that these teachers are eligible to enter their students for RAD examinations. Registered Teachers are a world-class qualified dance teachers who proven their knowledge and understanding of the RAD’s syllabus, have demonstrated their ability to teach the syllabus effectively and as such can enter candidate for RAD examinations. Registered Teachers of the RAD next to their names indicate the following initials: RAD (RTS). At the same time, they use the RAD logo on their school sign, leaflets and website. Parents are STRONGLY advised to seek for those initials before sending their children to a ballet class. As a result, parents who send their children to a registered school can be allayed since RAD organization will always monitor its teachers each step of the way even after they become registered, to ensure that the best teaching standards are maintained.

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